Cybersecurity is quintessential to reducing data loss and security breaches in your organization. A study indicates that 61% of all breaches involve stolen credentials. The high incident rates are due to the adoption of cloud technologies and the rising number of remote workers. Remote and hybrid work culture threatens the organization because companies don't invest in cloud-security tools like multi-factor authentication. Managing user access to the system has become essential to combat digital cyber threats and safeguard your organization's sensitive data.

Broad User & Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication Software

It can aid your organization with potential data loss in the event of a cyber attack. From a risk standpoint, credential theft and social engineering/phishing attacks are the prominent attacks on organizations where 60% of mid-size businesses are experiencing such attacks since remote working after the pandemic hit. To prevent identity and access-based attacks in your business, incorporate software that helps with identity and access management. This article will enlist five User sso authentication software to keep your organization safe.


User SSO authentication Software

User SSO authentication is an identity claim by a person trying to gain access to an organization's assets. It is a security process to prevent unauthorized login and access to the network. Particularly a SSO authentication software authenticates the users through a software application largely through a single point center, acts as an identity access management system, and validates your credential when logging into the account. An authentication software does a password-based authentication and adds a layer of multi-factor authentication to it or for certificate-based authentication or adopts a biometric authentication system.

User SSO Authentication Software Significant for Businesses

  • User SSO authentication software enhances security by linking authorized users to their registered devices. In the event of fraudulence, you can shut the user's device quickly.

  • User sso authentication software gives an option to use a risk-based authentication approach. The system's risk engine adapts the authentication type based on the risk level.

  • Users may be susceptible to phishing attacks that use emotional appeals in emails or text format so that users click on malicious links. Authentication software eliminates the risk of interception by hackers.

  • A multi-factor authentication software uses an additional layer of security to the user's credentials, reduces fraudulent attacks by generating OTPs, text messages, or authentication codes, and aids user access management.

  • Using software improves user experience and lowers the need for carrying hardware tokens to keep track of PINs and passwords. Authentication methods provide a secure experience, build trust and enhance user satisfaction.

5 User SSO Authentication Software Options for Businesses

Below are the top 5 User sso authentication software solutions for your business:


NinjaAuth by 500apps is the top User sso authentication software solution with security compliance and easy application deployment capability. It enables conditional access and supports multi-factor authentication. The app is specially a single sign-on authentication software that allows you to add and manage unlimited projects. It also enables developers to secure API without a separate authentication server. NinjaAuth prevents unauthorized access to user accounts by acting as a two-factor authentication software. In addition, they provide password management, identity access management, and application management solutions. Developers can add authentication to their applications through the Init method and benefit from a secure testing environment with NinjaAuth.


Cisco Duo Access is a User sso authentication software solution helping modern enterprises with security challenges. It balances usability with strong authentication by switching to a passwordless authentication solution. They support database authentication protocol and multi-factor authentication. Duo's device management stands out, which prompts users to update laptops and mobile devices when logging into accounts, helping to ensure devices remain secure against cyber threats. They have a free version, Duo access is the mid-tier solution, and Duo beyond is for large organizations.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

It is a cloud-based identity access management software that supports multi-factor authentication, SSO, B2B collaboration controls, and self-service password. It does not have a single API key, secure API authentication, data storage management, and automatic backup features. It allows you to integrate with Microsoft productivity and cloud storage.


Okta is an identity and access management software that provides secure access to cloud accounts with adaptive multi-factor authentication and single sign-on features. Okta supports all User sso authentication methods, including security questions, one-time passcodes, notifications, and biometrics. It enables remote work with security, improves M&A agility, API access management, and advanced server access controls with its workforce identity solution to protect employees, partners and contractors. Its access gateway feature allows integration with custom-built and on-premise solutions ideal for implementing role-based controls.


Secure Auth

It is a multi-factor authentication software and user identity platform that uses a risk-based adaptive authentication policy and single sign-on to secure access to corporate accounts. Also, it allows API integration with existing environments. It evaluates user login attempts, including device health, location, IP address, and user behaviors, such as repeated failed logins. In addition, it provides admin controls and tools to manage User sso authentication. SecureAuth has editable templates and granular policies and eases the authentication experience.

Choose the Right User sso authentication Software for Your Business

To select the User sso authentication software for your business, features like MFA, adaptive authentication, flexibility, ease of use, visibility level, and pricing play a pivotal role. Go for use cases that support and address your pain points. You can reduce inefficiency, administrative overhead, elevated risk, and higher cost by implementing integrated access management, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication solution. Look for software that provides authentication method suiting your organization and access policies to give a convenient login experience to your users.


Wrapping It Up

The digital business landscape needs to be security compliant, and with reliable User sso authentication methods, you can protect user identity from cyber threats. If you are looking for robust User sso authentication software for your business, NinjaAuth is an ideal pick at the unbelievable pricing of $14.99 for an all-in-one business suite of 50 apps. It improves security, simplifies management, and increases productivity with a Single sign-on feature. Also, it provides a unique API key to access each website and allows signing into multiple accounts. A secure login system, multi-factor authentication, application, and identity management make it the best software in the market. To learn more about the features, go to the 500Apps website and sign up for a 14-day free trial today!

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