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Create Authentication for Unlimited projects and websites. Use your own scopes - no custom branding or pass throughs. Streamlined and user-friendly login experience for users of your website or application.

Add Unlimited Projects and Increased Flexibility

  • Perfect solution for businesses who need to manage multiple projects with Single Sign-On.

  • Providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

  • Secure authentication for websites and applications.

  • Allows users to sign in to multiple websites with a single account.

single sign on

Unlimited Projects

Add all of your authentication projects in one place provides users with greater flexibility and convenience when accessing multiple authentication apps.

unlimited projects
increased flexibility

Increased Flexibility

Build and store your apps on the cloud for faster and more complete access Design apps from start to finish from anywhere, at any time.

unlimited project members

Unlimited Project Members

Allow several people to work on the app at the same time for faster completion of apps, from design to launch.

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Single Sign On

Allows a user to log in to multiple web applications with one set of credentials. It saves the user time, and also reduces the likelihood of password theft.

single sign on
multiple networks

Multiple Networks

Authentication system that enables users to sign in to multiple networks with a single account. Provides a single login page where users can enter their credentials for all of the networks. Perfect for businesses that need to provide secure access to multiple networks.

secured login

Secured Login

Service that provides secure authentication for websites and applications. Allows users to log in with their social media accounts rather creating separate passwords for each site. Popular choice for online retailers, social networks, and other websites that require authentication. An industry-standard authentication protocol.

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One API Key

Simplify management of the API key with a single key and helps ensure consistency across all applications.

one api key
secured api authentication

Secured API Authentication

No need to be very technical since anyone has the skills to build apps.

single api key

Single API Key

You or your team can create apps without hiring expensive and highly trained developers.

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Double Verification

Add extra layer of security helps to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data while authentication.

double verification
two factor authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication platform that allows users to login to websites and applications using their mobile devices. Adds an extra layer of security to the login process. Prevent unauthorized access to user accounts.

improved security

Improved Security

Improved security protocol that allows for more secure authentication. Designed to be more resistant to attack, and provides a higher level of security for users. Better option for online applications that require authentication.

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Play Ground

Allows developers to create test accounts and experiment with the various features of the SSO API and learn how to use it without affecting your live account.

play ground
init method

Init Method

Allows developers to easily add authentication to their applications. Responsible for setting up the authentication system and registering any necessary hooks.

secured testing environment

Secured Testing Environment

Secure testing environment is important for ensuring the privacy and security of your data. Based on the idea of using a secure token that is unique to each user and that can be used to log in automatically. Designed to help testers collaborate more effectively and streamline the testing process.

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