Authentication Apps

to provide an additional layer of security

Makes it more difficult for others to gain access to a user's accounts as they would need to know both the username and password, as well as the code from the authentication app.

Authentication Apps

Secure Your Identity with Our Authentication Apps

An extra layer of protection for online accounts and services is two-factor authentication (2FA). To verify their identity, users must input two pieces of information. Typically, this consists of a username, a password, and a one-time code texted to a mobile device.

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prevents phishing

Prevents Phishing

Makes it more difficult for hackers to access the account since users must first enter their usernames before using the authentication app to confirm their identities.

increased security

Increased Security

Requires users to provide identification before they can access critical information or complete a transaction, adding an extra layer of protection.

improved user experience

Improved User Experience

Makes it easier for users to quickly and securely access their accounts without having to remember complex passwords or answer security questions.

What are Authentication Apps?

Authentication apps are intended to provide your online accounts an extra degree of protection. Users can create one-time passwords (OTPs) through the use of authentication apps, which can subsequently be used to confirm their identity when login into accounts. The OTPs are often a string of characters—a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols—that are particular to each login attempt. As a result, there is a better level of security because the password can only be used once during a login session and cannot be repeated.

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