Multi-Factor Authentication

to create an extra layer of security

With authentication, you can add a higher level of security to guarantee that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data. Add more backend verification to prevent Cross-Site Scripting.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multiple-Factor Authentication with Single API Key

Provides an easy way to add authentication to your web applications.

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two-step verification

Two-Step Verification

The platform for Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to the login process. Protects user accounts from unauthorised access.

improved security

Improved Security

SSO significantly reduces the likelihood of a password-related hack. Designed to be more resistant to attack, and provides a higher level of security for users. Because users only need to remember one password for all of their applications.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor authentication is a security process that requires more than one method of identity verification before granting access to an account or system. This multiple layers of security helps to protect accounts from unauthorized access,

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