Easy Management

to manage multiple projects

Perfect solution for businesses who need to manage multiple projects with Single Sign-On. Integrate all of your favorite softwares, improve security, simplify management, and increase productivity.

Easy Management

Add Multiple Projects with Easy Management

Easier way to add multiple projects to a single project management system. Allow you to see all of your projects in one place and easily track their progress.

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conditional access

Conditional Access

Allow developers to add authentication to their applications with ease. Users can sign in with two-factor authentication, or require to enter a specific security code before they can access the account.

simplified user experience

Simplified User Experience

Provides a simplified user experience when logging in to websites. It provides a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to authenticate users without having to write any code. Also reduces the number of steps that they need to take in order to do so.

Why Choose NinjaAuth for SSO Configuration?

Allows user for a more streamlined and user-friendly login experience for web applications. By using NinjaAuth, you can allow users to access their multiple accounts with a single click. It also provides a more seamless and unified authentication experience for users.

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