Single Login

to sign in to multiple applications with a single click

Users save time and increase security by only entering their credentials once.

Single Login

Sign in to Multiple Applications with a Single Login

Allows users to log in once and get access to all the web applications. Reduces the number of usernames and passwords, making it easier for the user to log in to applications.

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multiple providers

Multiple Providers

Allows users to access their applications through multiple service providers. Users can easily access their applications without remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

secured login

Secured Login

The security of the applications is improved with this authentication system. Single Sign-On can uniquely identify a user and ensure that the highest security standards are met. SSO provides encrypted data that is transmitted across the applications.

What is Single Login?

An SSO (Single Login) service that allows users to sign in to multiple websites with a single account. Saves time and hassle, as customers do not have to remember multiple usernames and passwords. It also provides two factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to the login process. Reduces the risk of someone hacking into the customer's account and stealing their information.

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