to enhanced security by requiring a single authentication process

Provides a higher level of security, as passwords are not stored on individual websites. Saves time and hassle, as customers no longer have to remember multiple usernames and passwords.


Web SSO with a Single Sign-On

The SSO integration with a single sign-on allows customers to bypass the typical login screen and access all their authorized applications with a single click. Helps to protect user data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

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web apps with single sign-on

Web Apps with Single Sign-On

Provides consumers with single sign-on. It is simple to use and offers users a practical option to log into different web apps with a single login.

centralized authentication management

Centralized Authentication Management

Enables organisations to control user authentication via a single interface. By requiring further verification, such as a code delivered to the user's phone or email, it adds an extra layer of protection.

user identity synchronization

User Identity Synchronization

Enables organisations to manage user IDs across various platforms and applications. For all users, the service offers a solitary point of authentication and authorisation, simplifying user management for enterprises.

What is Web SSO?

Web SSO is a single sign-on authentication process that allows users to log in to multiple web applications with a single set of credentials. It is an efficient and secure way to manage user access and permissions across multiple web applications.

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