Identity Management

to monitoring and controlling data access

Identity management is the practice of managing and controlling who has access to your personal information. Identity management is concerned with the control and administration of data access.

Identity Management

Identity Management with a Single Sign On

By carefully monitoring and regulating who has access to what, you can prevent unwanted eyes from peering into your most intimate files. Controlling and managing who has access to what data is a primary aspect of identity management.

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authorization of users

Authorization of Users

An administrator must first give each user permission to access the system. When attempting to enter the system, users will be requested for their username and password.

data security and privacy

Data Security and Privacy

Preventing unauthorised access to electronic data is the process of data security. Privacy is the state of not having your personal information exposed to prying eyes or used without your consent.

access control and management

Access Control and Management

The restriction of who can use and access a resource is referred to as access control and management. This process is crucial for ensuring that sensitive data is managed appropriately and that only authorised individuals have access to it.

What is Identity Management?

Identity management protects data and privacy. Identity management manages user identities in systems and applications. Security validates a person's identity by asking a password and private key via phone, email, and in person. MFA. It's used for browser-based login.

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