Access Controls

to ensure that only authorized users have access to the data

Access controls can be set at the individual level, group level, and system level. Also, protects sensitive information with a strong set of access controls and restricts unauthorized access.

Access Controls

Access Control Component of Single Sign-On Solution

The access controls provide a more secure solution to protect your data. This strategy allows users to control who has access to information and what actions they are allowed to take.

access controls leave note
user roles and permissions

User Roles and Permissions

Allow administrators of an SSO system to determine what roles and permissions users will have. It also gives complete control over the data or resources.

user authentication

User Authentication

Allows customers to log in to their account with a single click. It is a simple and convenient way for customers to keep track of their account activity.

role-based access control

Role-based Access Control

Enables customers to manage access to their resources through role-based access control. Easy to use and configure, and provides an high level of security for customer data.

activity-based access control

Activity-based Access Control

Activity-based access control is a security measure that restricts access to certain areas or functions of a computer system based on the activity of the user.

What is Access Controls?

Allow administrators to control who has access to which parts of the system. This is done by assigning permissions to specific users, groups, or objects. Prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information.

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